About us

The Albanian Consultants Network is a prestigious professional organization that brings together the professional consultants operating in Albania. ACN is the organization to unify, strengthen and advance the profession of management consultancy.

ACN brings together highly qualified local consultants in a new enhanced effort to introduce a complete package of services including consultancy in Management, Finance, Marketing, Quality Standards, Human Resources, Engineering, Legal assistance, etc.

ACN aims to keep high the professional image and the ethical reputation of Albanian consultants.

ACN is a socially responsible organization that contributes to overcome the challenges in the economic and social development of the country and its integration into the European family.

ACN is part of an international network of consultants and contributes to the development of the consulting profession and sharing and improving of the management practices.

The Albanian Consultants Network is an initiative supported by BAS Programme in Albania, aiming to bring closer the local MSMEs and the local consultants towards better tailored win-win cooperation.