Flag is a non-profit organisation set up in January 2003, when it was registered with the Courts of Tirana as an Albanian Non-Profit Organisation. The initiative to set up the Foundation emerged from a core group of Albanian managers and experts who had worked together for the previous seven years (since 1996) in implementing SLGCP and COMPASS.

The Foundation works to improve local governance by providing access to its network of experts and range of tools and services. It provides examples of good practice from municipal and commune councils from across and outside of Albania, and offers to local government units (LGUs) services from its wide ranging expertise.

To fulfil its mission the Foundation for Local Autonomy and Governance, Flag, supports the activities of Albania’s local authorities and community-based organisations, contributing thus to the development of Albanian society. Through its work, the Foundation disseminates the idea of civil self-governance, widely perceived as the fundamental form of democracy. In its endeavours, Flag complies with the principles of being non-political, independent, non-commercial, transparent, professional and responsive to needs.

Flag aims at achieving sustainable results, excellence in performance and full customer satisfaction.