Our Services

All ACN members will have equal access to all the services provided by the association.

All services performed only in favour of the members are free of charge for the members.

In case ACN provides paid activities, events, services and information to the broad consulting community, they are made available to members at a 50% discount or free of charge. The pricing and the discounts are subject to a decision of the Managing Board following the established procedure.

In case of provision of direct customers contracts or contacts having led later to contracts ACN members having benefited from such service pay 5% of the revenue incurred; while non-members pay a 10% commission of the revenue resulting from such a service.

In case of participation in joint events requiring funding outside the budget the participating companies share the expenses, while ACN may assume a portion of them following a decision of the Managing Board in accordance with the established procedure.

The whole income goes to the treasury of ACN.