Managing a consulting business - Training course, 25–27 October 2017.


Know the advice you give to clients. Learn how to apply it to managing your own consulting business.

Managing a consulting business training course for business consultants, on 25–27 October 2017.

From reaching out to new client groups to managing talent and resources, learn how to make your business more effective, more competitive and more profitable. Held in Albania on 25-27 October 2017 (three full days), this course gives a complete overview of managing a consulting business.

Know how to make your business more effective, more competitive and more profitable.
This course will help you:

  • Make the most of the talent and skills of your partners and staff to develop and expand your business

  • Learn and apply business models and best practice strategies specifically relevant to consulting companies

  • Discover technology and financial models to help you manage your business more efficiently

  • Recognise potential risks and learn how to engage in effective risk management

  • Learn firm development skills and management behaviours specifically for management of a professional services company, including techniques for managing the consulting/client interface, managing internal knowledge and instituting an effective management culture

  • Understand IP development and protection concerns

  • Learn how to complement your expertise and build partnerships/strategic alliances

Within the course, you will also prepare an individual Action Plan for your business. The courses are interactive and discussion based, with a focus on practical tools. The trainers are all experienced practitioners, who know what it takes to manage a successful consulting business. You will also have the opportunity to meet other consultants, learn from each other experiences and develop a professional network.

Opening up opportunities. We know how.

The training will be delivered by Janet P. Poot, JPCorporate International BV, who have been selected by the EBRD because they are experienced practitioners, who know what it takes to successfully sell advice.

The training course fee is EUR 192 and the course will be delivered in English. The price includes training hand-out materials, refreshments and a follow-up consulting / coaching or additional workshop session provided two months after the course.

To participate please fill out the application form by COB 20 October, 2017 and send it to

For additional inquiries please send an e-mail to,, or call us on 42259439, or 0692060856.

 (see full invitation, training course flyer)